What is ReFi?


What is ReFi?

  • ReFi - Regenerative Finance is the practice of closely examining the balanced, predictable, healthy and sustainable systems and universal principles of nature that have not been touched by humans and prioritizing these systems in the design of a new economy.

Why ReFi and why Türkiye?

→ Situation

  • The 2023 Global Risks Report by the World Economic Forum discusses various contemporary issues such as climate crisis, natural disasters, polarization, and migration.
  • The World Meteorological Organization announced that four key climate change indicators measuring our impact on the planet hit record highs in 2021.
  • In the Regenerative Blue Economy document presented at UNFCCC COP28, a collaborative approach based on robust scientific methodologies and the use of fundamental analytical tools is proposed for transitioning from sustainability to regeneration.

→ Context


  • According to a survey conducted by the Turkish Youth Clubs Confederation, approximately 65% of individuals aged 18-29 in Türkiye have knowledge about cryptocurrency exchanges, with an investment rate of approximately 48%.
  • Despite automation, artificial intelligence, and digital technologies causing the loss of some jobs in Türkiye, there is potential for the emergence of new jobs alongside increased productivity, investment, and the growth of the service economy. This could result in an increase of 3.1 million jobs by 2030. To enable Türkiye's talent transformation, the workforce of 21.1 million individuals will need to continue in their current professions while also acquiring new skills through technology utilization.

→ Opportunity


  • Is it possible to create a new economic model that will turn the impact of unsurprising shocks, which experts have been forecasting since the 1970s and that invalidate the dynamics triggering crises, into what Bekir Ağırdır calls “creative destruction”?
  • ReFi Türkiye is a call for an age of regeneration, bringing together those who draw strength from our differences around common issues, with the spirit of solidarity from the early years of the internet and a desire for a better future

Key Concepts

ReFi Türkiye: A Theory of Change