ReFi Turkey Program is an invitation to design a new economy that will repair the world through the impact ecosystem with the web3 transformation, the next phase of the internet.

In this process designed by Akbank LAB and imece, we will explore the intersection of financial systems and impact ecosystem together. Are you ready to start the repair process of people and the world with inclusive and sustainable financial systems that focus on social and environmental impact?

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Web3 Economy Training

What is ReFi?

  • ReFi - Regenerative Finance is the practice of closely examining the balanced, predictable, healthy and sustainable systems and universal principles of nature that have not been touched by humans and prioritizing these systems in the design of a new economy.
  • This is the movement of individuals who are driven by the desire to construct an economic system that regenerates the natural resources enabling life on our planet, which is described as "The Only Known Harbour" by Carl Sagan’s book Pale Blue Dot and it ensures their transmission to future generations.

Why ReFi and why Turkiye?

→ Situation

  • To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, developing countries require an additional $4 trillion in annual financing. Due to social crises such as the pandemic and the Ukraine war, achieving these goals has become an even more difficult goal.
  • The World Meteorological Organization has announced that four key climate change indicators measuring our impact on the planet will set a record in 2021.
  • The expected Limit Exceedance Day date for Turkiye this year is June 22. Last year, this date was stated as July 29, and the previous year it was August 22.
  • According to the International Environmental Partnership, it is estimated that due to climate change and disasters, globally, 1.2 billion people will be forced to migrate by 2050.

→ Context

  • According to the International Organization for Migration, Turkiye is the country hosting the highest number of refugees globally. The majority of the refugee population consists of those who have been displaced from Syria due to climate change.
  • Out of the 10 countries listed in Save the Children's report "Countries in Conflict: Worst Places to Be A Child," Turkiye is directly affected by 5 of them.
  • According to a survey conducted by the Turkish Youth Clubs Confederation, approximately 65% of the population between the ages of 18-29 in Turkiye has knowledge about crypto currency exchanges, with an investment rate of approximately 48%.

→ Opportunity

  • Is it possible to create a new financial model that turns the impact of predictable shocks, which researchers have been studying since the 1970s, into a "creative destruction" -in Bekir Ağırdır's words- that invalidates the dynamics triggering crises?
  • ReFi Turkiye is a call for an age of regeneration, bringing together those who draw strength from our differences around common issues, with the spirit of solidarity from the early years of the internet and a desire for a better future.

What Will We Do?

We have designed contents and experiences with the aim of enabling relationships that make sense of the role of finance in the era of repair, learn by practice and develop by sharing.

  1. ReFi Turkiye Podcast: Podcast conversations
  2. Newsletter with research, interviews and translations
  3. Beginner-level web3 learning journeys
  4. Workshops to co-write the story of the future
  5. ReFi Report to Make Sense of the Ecosystem in Turkiye

How Do I Participate?

ReFi Turkey is a repair call that focuses on the orientation of individuals far from Web3 and Blockchain concepts to the ecosystem and the inclusion of organizations currently contributing to the crypto ecosystem.

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Web3 Economy Training


How can I get ReFi Turkiye NFTs?
How can I get ReFi Turkiye NFTs?


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This document has been created to provide information about the ReFi Türkiye Project and to keep track of its developments. If you would like to share your feedback and suggestions with us, you can follow us on Twitter at @refi_turkiye or reach out to us at → Last update at 19.04.2023