Why ReFi, Why Turkiye?

Why ReFi, Why Turkiye?

In the 0th episode of the ReFi Turkiye podcast, we explain our focus based on the questions "Why ReFi, Why Turkey." We discuss why we chose the restorative finance theme, the potential collaborations between Web 3.0 technologies and the impact ecosystem, and what we will do throughout the program. In each episode, we will feature conversations with pioneers who are building or shedding light on the restorative finance field, witnessing their experiences and accumulated knowledge.

Within the framework of the ReFi Turkiye program conducted in collaboration between Akbank LAB and imece, we seek answers to the question: "Is it possible to go beyond sustainability and circularity with the help of new technologies and establish an economic model that repairs systems?" While focusing on the intersection of Web 3.0 technologies and the impact ecosystem, we examine the approaches developed in the context of regenerative finance, which is the focal point.

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You can closely examine the work of ReFi Turkiye, which is moving around the concept of regenerative finance via https://bit.ly/3wxQ8nk

You can read our tweets about the intersection of Web3 technologies with the impact ecosystem on the https://bit.ly/3AZqf2x

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You may access the article titled "An economic model that regenerates the system is possible" in the column called "Close-Up" by Didem Eryar ├ťnl├╝, a journalist and columnist in D├╝nya Newspaper via the https://bit.ly/3RguKL1

You may access the IPCC report mentioned in the episode via the https://bit.ly/3TB2XHi

Ôćĺ What We Discussed In This Episode:

ÔÇśÔÇÖAccording to the report issued by IPCC with the title of 'Red Alert for Humanity', we need to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 43% by 2030 to limit global warming to around 1.5 degrees. Yet global emissions continue to rise at a record pace every year." Although we know what to do and have all the necessary means, the decisions we make collectively cause the crises to deepen. We need to find a way to connect trillions of dollars of resources with the right projects on a global scale. In other words, Not a shortage of resources, but a lack of coordination is to blame for these crises."

"Regenerative Finance leverages blockchain/web3 technologies to offer innovative alternatives that can redirect economic models in ways that were previously unimaginable, rectify the destructive impacts caused by our industrial practices, and regenerate the very systems that sustain life." "Taking into account the issue of climate change alone, the escalating global temperatures carry far-reaching consequences that impact the entirety of humankind. Such as migration waves, droughts, floods, wildfires. Turkiye is one of the regions where these are experienced in the most intense way."

"The convergence of entrepreneurship, innovation, and impact ecosystems with the #Web3 ecosystem entails the possibility of formulating exemplary models, prototypes, and collaborative structures to address diverse crises that will occur in wider geographies in the future."