Web3 and Impact Collaboration with Ayşegül Şensoy

Web3 and Impact Collaboration with Ayşegül Şensoy

In the 3rd episode of the ReFi Turkiye Podcast, we had Ayşegül Şensoy, whom we know from her experiences with XYZ Teknoloji, Istanbul Blockchain Women, and S.O.S Chain. We discussed social advocacy in the blockchain ecosystem, the emerging world with web3, and its intersection with the impact ecosystem. Within the episode, you will hear a code through which you can claim the NFT specially prepared for the podcast episode on POAP.

With many years of experience in various roles within national and international institutions, Ayşegül Şensoy started her role as the Director of Business Development and Marketing at XYZ Teknoloji when her path crossed with blockchain technology. Şensoy, who plays a role in the transformation of the technology world, is also a Board Member of Istanbul Blockchain Women, an association that provides guidance to women in the blockchain world. She is also involved in the SOS Chain project, which is one of the initiatives that intersect the impact ecosystem and technology.

To Get the Episode's NFT:

With the code you will hear in the episode, you can get the NFT that we have prepared specifically for the podcast episode via POAP.

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→ Notes from the Episode:

You can closely examine the work of ReFi Turkiye, which is moving around the concept of regenerative finance via https://bit.ly/3wxQ8nk

You can access Ayşegül Şensoy's interview on 'Crowdfunding' via https://bit.ly/3U6Bqh3

You can find detailed information about Istanbul Blockchain Women on the https://bit.ly/3REgFIc

You can read Ayşegül Şensoy's interview about Istanbul Blockchain Women Association via the https://bit.ly/3BDcIhp

Read the article "Can Blockchain Technology Change the World?" on imece's Medium page via the https://bit.ly/3QMxhw7

Highlights from the Episode:

  • 00.57 “XYZ Teknoloji Ne Yapıyor?’’05.04 “Blockchain Ekosisteminde Sosyal Savunuculuk’’
  • 11.29  “Etki Ekosistemi ile Teknolojiyi Buluşturan Ekipler”
  • 15.50 “Paydaşlarla Web3 Projeleri Nasıl Oluşturuluyor?”
  • 18.55 “Türkiye’deki Web3 Ekosistemi’’
  • 22.11 “Yeni Bir Dünya Kurma Hayali”
  • 26.07 “Ya Web3 Geleneksel Dünyaya Evrilirse?”
  • 28.37 ‘’Sınırsız Bir Kaynak Olarak Blok Zincir Teknolojisi’’

What We Discussed In This Episode:

Şensoy summarizes the problem she has witnessed as follows: "We were confronted with an unsystematized system, making slow progress, hindered by bureaucracy, lacking trust among actors who are not obligated to trust each other, and lacking a fully established mechanism for rewards and sustainability," she elaborates. "Now, we have implemented a multi-faceted system where blockchain completely manages funds, allows the creation of pools, and enables the submission of requests. In this system, you can receive signed NFTs after making a donation, which is quite familiar."

According to Şensoy, there is a significant level of adaptability and curiosity towards the emerging technologies associated with Web3 in Turkiye: "Although it is often portrayed as a shallow dream of rapid enrichment among various groups, I believe that young colleagues understand the subject matter to a deeper extent." She says: "There is also curiosity, enthusiasm, and the capacity to test one's own power, and in return, technology is actually a tool. Today, blockchain offers a new 'tool,' and you use it according to how you want to use it. Young talents can turn these into very successful outcomes."

Şensoy thought virtual reality she had previously experienced was frightening, and she explains this situation as follows: "It was depicted as a place where someone else was in control, steering the situation, where individuals were reduced to being robotic and treated as mere products. (...) When I entered the world of technology and met blockchain, I saw that it could be changed and built in a different way," says Şensoy, stating that today's examples have moved away from utopia and become more realistic.

"If I had unlimited power and unlimited talent, in a world where I learned that not all people are good and arrogance will not go away, I would build an infrastructure where people who try to do good without arrogance can do so freely." Following this statement, Şensoy said, "To create an alternative world where I can evenly distribute the wealth I own, observe, make a difference, follow and throw the unwanted elements out of the system. It is very possible to do this with blockchain."

Şensoy also gives us a warning: "If we put all the bad habits of the traditional world in here, we won't be really changing much. There is a risk that we are heading towards a world where power held by certain authorities is held by distributed authorities." The solution pointed out by Şensoy is as follows: "Therefore, it is necessary for the justice and legal mechanism to be primarily established internally by DAOs here (...) and the community also needs to support it because the entire system actually progresses with community support, societal support."