The Dynamics of the ReFi Movement with Han Tüzün

The Dynamics of the ReFi Movement with Han Tüzün

In the 6th episode, we host Han Tüzün, one of the key players in the global Web3 ecosystem, who is actively involved in developments and investments with the slogan "Building the Inevitable Future." In this episode, we extensively discuss Tüzün's work and the concept of ReFi. We also focus on the Akbank ReFi Hackathon, which took place between September 30th and October 2nd, 2022, in which Tüzün also served as a mentor.

Han Tüzün is a co-founder of NeuFi and SuggestGrid. He is a graduate of Bilkent University and has been involved in the "Istanbul Blockchain School" within the Habitat Association.

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Highlights from the Episode:

  • 00:00 Who is Han Tüzün?
  • 08:59 What is ReFi?
  • 17:11 What is Solarpunk?
  • 25:54 Akbank ReFi Hackathon and the ReFi Movement in Turkiye
  • 45:00 Evaluating VCs
  • 50:00 Final Words

What We Discussed In This Episode:

Han Tüzün remarked, "If there are incentives, the probability of their creation increases", highlighting the impact of blockchain-based incentive mechanisms in ReFi projects and he stated that the integration of incentive mechanisms ensures sustainability.

When defining ReFi, Tüzün emphasized that it goes beyond providing benefits and is a crypto economic system; he outlined the criteria for a project to be considered ReFi, stating, "It should serve the collective humanity, benefit stakeholders within its ecosystem, and strive for sustainability."

Discussing the influence of pessimism towards technology on society, Tüzün introduced solarpunk as a concept complementing cyberpunk. "Solarpunk envisions a future that is more human-centered, where we live collectively and harmoniously with nature, plants and animals, where we benefit from the blessings of technology, where we are also in nature, where we feel strong as human beings, where we solve our unresolved problems."

Tüzün pointed out that there are individuals in the economy who value trees for their intrinsic worth rather than solely as a resource. He suggested, "We can create incentives for the preservation of trees, and through Web3, we can foster public good and ReFi."

"Web3 is mostly a global community. If you put forth a good job, you can make a one-man prototype of a business or as a university club, you can attract any investor and developer you want," Tüzün says, mentioning the opportunities of making a Web3 initiative.