Technology Reinforced Transformation with Gökhan Mataracı

Technology Reinforced Transformation with Gökhan Mataracı

In this episode of the ReFi Turkiye Podcast series, our guest is Gökhan Mataracı, the Partner at KPMG Turkey, Leader of Data, Analytics, and Digital, Technology Sector Leader, and Coordinator of KPMG Lighthouse Turkey. Mataracı discusses digitalization processes, the socially beneficial and impact-focused use of technology, and the design of these processes as an experience, based on the philosophy of Society 5.0. He also provides examples using concepts such as net zero, Sustainable Development Goals, and the metaverse.

Gökhan Mataracı has been building his career for 14 years, primarily in the field of consulting, and has worked in various organizations in both application and management roles. He currently continues his work within KPMG, one of the "big four" companies. As the Leader of Data, Analytics, and Digital in the Consulting Department of KPMG Turkey, Mataracı has expertise in various areas such as data and analytics, business intelligence, data governance, and information management.

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You can access Turkiye 2021 on the Path to Digitalization via

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Highlights from the Episode:

  • 02:00 "Turkiye and Society 5.0 on the Path to Digitalization"
  • 21:04 "Practical Applications for Net Zero Goals"
  • 33:44 "Technology Applications for Sustainability"
  • 45:30 "What Could Have Been Applied with Unlimited Resources?"

What We Discussed In This Episode:

By taking a different and comprehensive approach to technology applications, Mataracı provides insightful examples that tackle key questions such as "How can technology enhance the environment?" and "How can technology bring about global benefits?".

Our guest highlights the concept of "Society 5.0," which aims to deliver high-quality services to every member of society: "This is a technology-reinforced social transformation. When we look at it as a whole, this transformation serves as a tangible manifestation of technological solutions that address various societal concerns, including equal opportunities, environmental policies, clean energy, and inclusion." Mataracı makes us recall the definition of "Society 5.0" put forth by former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: "This is the episode 5 of human history, where we are able to find solutions to previously unsolvable problems."

Illuminating the process of designing a world where technology serves social benefits, Mataracı emphasizes the importance of adopting a design-oriented mindset when progressing towards Society 5.0: "I advocate the necessity of prioritizing human experience and emotions as fundamental principles and ensuring that the impact of technological transformation is equally and fairly distributed among all members of society, thus highly contributing to the betterment of their lives."