Talent Development on Web3 with Gülcan Yayla

Talent Development on Web3 with Gülcan Yayla

In the 10th episode of the ReFi Turkiye Podcast series, we focused on how Web3 addresses the talent gap. Our guest, Gülcan Yayla, shared her own work in this field. We discussed how to develop self-confidence, collaboration dynamics, and communication skills to overcome barriers that young people face in the digital economy. We also talked about the responsibilities of institutions in the Web3 ecosystem and Turkiye's position in blockchain technologies.

Gülcan Yayla is the co-founder and CEO of Patika.dev, a social entrepreneur dedicated to promoting social equality. Driven by her desire to find solutions to the problems faced by children and young people, she completed her fully-funded master's degrees in social entrepreneurship and international development at Washington University in St. Louis. She received the Entrepreneurship Award from her school for her social responsibility project, which she initiated in an area with the highest crime rate and social problems in St. Louis. To contribute to the development of Turkish software developers into globally valuable talents, she founded Kodluyoruz. Yayla continues her work with a focus on Web3 and blockchain technologies.

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Notes from the Episode:

You can access the interview conducted by Gülcan Yayla with Ashoka Turkiye about "Kodluyoruz" program via https://bit.ly/3FTyxKx

You can access Gülcan Yayla's personal blog via https://bit.ly/3vibe7W page.

You can check out patika.dev via https://bit.ly/3juKeji

You can closely examine the work of ReFi Turkiye, which is moving around the concept of regenerative finance via https://bit.ly/3wxQ8nk

Highlights from the Episode:

  • About Patika.dev and Kodluyoruz
  • How Did Patika.dev's Web3 Journey Begin? Young Software Developers in Turkiye
  • Obstacles for the Youth in the Digital Economy
  • Where Do the Responsibilities of Organizations Lie in the Turkish Blockchain Technologies Regarding Self-Confidence, Cooperation, and Communication Skills in the Web3 Ecosystem?
  • Potential of Web3, Risks of Web3
  • What Would Gülcan Yayla Do with Unlimited Resources?

What We Discussed In This Episode:

Yayla emphasized that due to the rapid advancement of technology, there is a constant need for new skills, and schools are unable to keep up with this pace. It is unrealistic to expect subjects to be immediately understood and conveyed to students. Yayla stated, "Our goal is to cover this gap."

Yayla predicted that if institutions persist with their old habits, the chances of catching up with both the new generation and talents in the technology field will gradually diminish. She suggested developing more realistic programs for young talents based on figures and research.

Our guest also provided another guiding suggestion: "What we need to do now is create some remarkable success stories. We should participate in international hackathons and strive to win top prizes, which is why we are currently working with the developers here." The opportunities that Yayla points to regarding Web3 technologies are also on the ground that allows the implementation of this proposal: "When you say the job opportunities in the Web3 space, you begin to talk to the whole world."