ReFi and Carbon Off-Set with Selim Satıcı

ReFi and Carbon Off-Set with Selim Satıcı

In the 4th episode of the ReFi Turkiye Podcast, we are joined by Selim Satıcı, one of the co-founders of Menthol Protocol, one of the most important ReFi projects emerging from Turkey. Menthol Protocol serves as a bridge within the carbon economy, automating carbon offset processes and offering a more accessible, cost-effective, and integrated solution. With the technology they have developed, they provide a restorative service that easily eliminates carbon footprints for both Web3 and traditional business models, and even individuals.

Our guest, Selim Satıcı, is one of the co-founders of Menthol Protocol, is one of the most significant players in the global carbon offset field. In addition to Menthol Protocol, which is the world's first multi-chain decentralized sustainability ecosystem automating the transition to climate-positive crypto, he is also a co-founder of BlokZ, utilizes blockchain technology to accelerate the digital transformation of the energy sector.

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→ Notes from the Episode:

You can review Menthol Protocol, of which Selim Satan is a founding partner at the

You can read about carbon credits in balancing your carbon footprint at the

You can find out the details of the term carbon off-set and how the system works via the

You can get information about the carbon market in the crypto world and read the future trends of this market at the

You can learn about pioneering carbon projects, carbon NFTs and carbon tokens via the

Highlights from the Episode:

  • 1.10 "What is Menthol Protocol?"
  • 5.47 "How Did the Idea of Menthol Protocol Arise?"
  • 10.50 "Current Status of the Protocol"
  • 16.26 "Legal Proceedings"
  • 24.50 "What is a Carbon Off-Set, How Does It Work?"
  • 36.12 "Areas that are Stimulated by Web3"
  • 38:55 ‘"Risks that Web3 Might Create"
  • 40:46 "Can Inequalities Be Solved With Unlimited Budget Access?"

What We Discussed In This Episode:

Selim Satıcı explains the processes that Menthol Protocol acts as a bridge and the stories of its departure as follows: On one side of the bridge, there is the supply side, which involves tokenizing #carbon credits and attempting to sell them in the market. On the demand side, there are those in the #web3 world who are in search of carbon credits but don't know how to calculate or acquire them. The demand side of the bridge is not limited to the Web3 world alone. Even traditional companies that have a situation like "I will carry out carbon off-set, I am setting up a department for it, and I am working with consultants" can be directly eliminated by Menthol Protocol.

"The first problem that Menthol Protocol solves is calculation. How much electricity do I consume? How many carbon credits should I buy in response to that? Or at least, how many renewable energy credits should I get in return? We made an electricity consumption calculation and wanted to obtain that many certificates. The second step was to find these resources, these certificates. We had our network, so we easily accessed them, but what would people who don't have that network do? Secondly, this problem existed. The third problem was as follows: I made the calculation, reached the accurate points with precise measurements. And when I said I want to buy, they didn't give it to me. They said, 'We will register you in the system first.' We said, 'Wait a minute, it shouldn't be this difficult. I voluntarily want to do something good for the world. I'm ready to pay without any obligation, without any pressure, without any regulatory requirement... Why am I facing such difficulty while wanting to do such a thing? That moment was when the idea was born."