Newsletter  #4 - Akbank ReFi Hackathon

Newsletter #4 - Akbank ReFi Hackathon


New technologies are not just about gains/losses in financial transactions and dreams in utopian fictions which are not humane. On the contrary, they have the potential to enable us to develop solutions for a "better" world. Technology can help us regenerate our world. ReFi, which answers the questions of "how to build economic systems that protect the resources that are critical for humanity and our planet" and "how to trigger a regenerative transformation" with the help of blockchain technology, appears a solution proposal just at this point. It presents the existing practices of nature as a new plan to today's economy.

Akbank ReFi Hackathon

Akbank ReFi Hackathon etki ekosistemi, Web3 teknolojileri ve sürdürülebilir finansın kesişiminde dünyayı onaran çözümlerin nasıl mümkün olabileceğini birlikte deneyimlemek amacıyla yola çıktı.

Hackathon, which was organized in cooperation with Akbank and Avalanche, happened between the dates of 30 September and 2 October!

At the event, it has been brought together teams which want to design a new economy that will contribute to the world's regeneration process by creating solutions for regenerative finance.


19 teams from 7 cities and 23 different universities, including 11 different blockchain clubs, have developed their projects on Avalance.

Hackathon Projeleri

The teams, which were looking for new solutions from the ReFi's perspective on how concepts such as Blockchain, NFT and Web3 can serve sustainable financial systems and social benefit, created their projects as a result of their 48-hour work at the Sabancı Center and made their presentations to the jury.


As a result of the evaluations of the jury, the teams won their awards.

  • With the "Local Impact" project, the Chainway team won 100,000 TL,
  • With the "MonoCarbon" project, the Mono Payments team won 60,000 TL as the second place,
  • With the "We Couldn't Plant Trees, But" and "Granteed" projects, ITU Blockchain and Medipol DAO teams shared the third place and won a prize of 40,000 TL each.

Congratulations to all the teams!

ReFi Türkiye Podcast 🎧️

🌱 Within the scope of ReFi Turkiye program, the 4th and 5th episodes of our podcast series, which we made with the pioneers who think and build on Web3, are online!

You can listen to episodes about the intersection of web technologies and the impact ecosystem on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud and Spreaker. Also, you can get NFTs that we've made specifically for the podcast episodes with the code you'll hear in episodes!

In the 4th episode of ReFi Turkiye Podcast, we get together with Selim Satıcı, one of the founding partners of Menthol Protocol, one of the most remarkable ReFi projects coming out of Turkiye. You can listen to the episode where we talk about the origin story of Menthol Protocol, the processes it acts as a bridge, the definition of carbon offset and how it works, the details of carbon credits, the impact tokens and the being-climate-positive goals here and you can read the notes about the episode here.

In the 5th episode of the ReFi Turkiye Podcast, our guests are Ulaş Erdoğan and Merve Hatun Özcan from ITU Blockchain Student Club, one of the Blockchain student communities. You can listen to the conversation we made on blockchain and blockchain clubs of the universities, Web3's growth journey, Turkiye's position in the Web3 ecosystem, and the comprarisons of Web2 and Web3 here.

Film Suggestion

This week's suggestion is the Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain documentary. Click here to explore!