Community Experience on Web3 with Vidal Arditi

Community Experience on Web3 with Vidal Arditi

In the 8th episode of the ReFi Turkiye Podcast series, we are joined by Vidal Arditi, known for his experiences with BiLira, Lunapark Web3 Hub, and LaykoDAO. Our guest entered the world of Web3 through the finance sector, and we discussed his experiences in exploring ways to learn and create with communities. He shared his experiences with LaykoDAO in the digital realm and Lunapark Web3 Hub in the physical realm.

Vidal Arditi graduated with a major in Psychology and a minor in Computer Science from Duke University. In 2019, he founded BiLira, the first Ethereum-based stablecoin linked to the Turkish Lira. He continues his work in the blockchain, Web3, and community fields through Lunapark Web3 Hub, which he co-founded. Additionally, he is a community member at LAYKA DAO, a decentralized autonomous umbrella structure that brings together individuals and projects in the Turkish blockchain ecosystem, fostering their development by producing collaborative projects.

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Highlights from the Episode:

  • 01:30 LaykoDAO's Story
  • 06:18 A Look at DAOs
  • 12:52 The Story of the Lunapark Web3 Hub 23:28 Looking from an Entrepreneurial Perspective 30:08 Being a Competitive Collaborator
  • 39:12 Thinking About the Talent Deficit 44:15 What Are Turkiye's Potentials?
  • 49:09 Exciting Elements and Risks on Web3; New Possibilities

What We Discussed In This Episode

Our guest conveys that as LaykaDAO, particularly in Turkiye, their aim is to increase the awareness of blockchain and Web3, to identify the people who produce in this field and to provide the required resources for them to be productive and to give the people in the ecosystem the opportunity to learn from each other. He defines the DAOs as something in which people's interactions with each other fit into a regular protocol and organizational chart; he defines them as the formation of not only evidence and sharing in the physical world, but also the formation of the parties in a digital world where work can be carried out and transferred by digital methods. He summarizes the emergence of Lunapark Web3 Hub as follows: "We needed a real-world space where we could encourage people, who have acquired awareness and literacy, to practice."

Vidal Artiti evaluates ReFi Turkiye's works as follows: "It gives us spaces that we can really see with our own eyes beyond daydreaming, that we can influence, and I believe this holds a significant value.." Arditi's call in the podcast also sets a direction in the path that the concept of ReFi points to: "Give a chance to identify the areas in your surroundings where blockchain technology can be utilized to improve and enhance, rest assured that there will be individuals who will support you in integrating it into your own life."